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How Do You Choose the Best Medicare Plan?


confused choosing a Medicare plan

If you are on regular Medicare Part A and Part B, you will want to review your supplemental policy (if you have one). While the monthly premium you have to pay for a Supplemental Health Plan is typically more expensive than you would pay for a Medicare Advantage Plan it often provides you more choices in healthcare providers and greater coverage towards payments, and covers co-pays, etc. You usually get to select your healthcare providers and change healthcare providers whenever you want. You can choose whether to use community physicians or the specialized university medical system. You can choose the rehabilitation center you want or the mental health treatment center you want. The gamble is whether you get sick or not. If you get sick your premium will feel reasonable when you see what your care would have cost if you did not have the insurance coverage. If you do not get sick, it feels like you wasted a year’s worth of premium payments that could have been used for something fun.

This is where the personal part comes in. We all have to decide what our priorities are and how we want to spend our money. The Medicare Advantage Plans often are less expensive on a monthly basis and include expanded coverage for items Medicare A and B do not cover. Many Medicare Advantage plans have contracts with healthcare providers, limiting their plan coverage to those providers. The contract may limit which hospital, rehabilitation center, mental health provider, physician, just about any type of healthcare provider you may use. It is up to you to decide if you are going to be content with the limitations. You will be “stuck” with the plan you have chosen until the next open enrollment period.

Confused? Call an Aging Wisely Expert for help!

The Medicare Advantage plans may change their healthcare provider contracts at any time. It is your responsibility to review their website and keep up to date on any changes. Sometimes your healthcare provider will contact you and state “After next month I am no longer part of your insurance plan.” When this happens you have to decide whether to pay for out of network coverage or change to a healthcare provider covered by the plan.

Some people can live with the changes, go with the flow, and are able to change healthcare providers without being upset. They do not feel limited by only having certain healthcare providers to select from.

Most healthcare providers in Florida accept Medicare assignment. This means the healthcare provider agrees to accept the payment determined by Medicare. This does not eliminate your need to meet a deductible or pay a co-pay. We are fortunate in Florida. In many states there are plenty of private insurers and patients covered by insurance provided by employers. The reimbursement to healthcare providers is more significant than the reimbursement Medicare pays. So, many healthcare providers in other states choose to not accept Medicare.

If your healthcare provider only participates with certain insurance plans it is not an indicator that they are good or bad. You should not feel like you have poor choices if you are limited to certain healthcare providers by your Medicare Advantage Plan. Each insurance company is allowed to negotiate contracts with whatever healthcare provider they choose. It is often determined by costs and reimbursement rates, truly nothing to do with the patient. In recent years we have seen many small healthcare providers join together to become much larger offices. This allows for economies, with technology being one of the primary expenses. The more cost effective the healthcare provider is, the better contract they can negotiate with the insurance company.

Good luck with reviewing your options and determining what plan works for you. At the end of the day, remember you are in charge of your own health, responsible for how you take care of your body, and need to determine what works best for you.

Bonus Tip: Ask yourself these questions before choosing a plan.

  • Do I want to be on a Medicare Advantage Plan and/or pay for a supplemental policy?
  • Are my physicians, hospital, rehabilitation center, etc. contracted to take my Medicare Plan?
  • Will my physician, hospital stay, rehab visit, etc be 100% covered by my Medicare Plan?

Need help navigating this complex system? Please call 727-447-5845 to speak with one of our Aging Wisely experts. They can assist you with determining your Medicare options through the Medicare website, help you understand what you need to consider when making your selection, and helping you look ahead to plan for your future.

You might also want to check out our Medicare Fact Sheet 2017, which explains the parts of Medicare and their associated costs for 2017 as well as key dates and FAQs.

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Grateful for My Freedom and New Windows!


Linda Chamberlain Aging Wisely

Thank you for the calls and cards with condolences over the loss of my Dad. While people often say, “I don’t know what to say,” it is very comforting to have folks reach out and let you know they are thinking of you and are sorry for your loss. A few words like “I’m thinking of you” make a big difference. Thank you again.

Memorial Day had a new meaning for me this year. Perhaps my exposure to the Czech Republic last year, coupled with a recent trip to Cuba emphasized the freedoms we have that I hope to never take for granted. I am so thankful for the many individuals that have sacrificed their lives for me to enjoy the life I lead today. Writing about it seems so glib in comparison to the individuals that gave up their families, life experiences, and the opportunity to grow old.

Visiting Cuba was a fascinating experience and I encourage you to take the opportunity to visit before the huge influx of Americans affects their culture and infrastructure. My trip was through Stetson University College of Law, organized by Mercy Roberg and Professor Joe Morrisey (kudos – it was a fabulous trip) and allowed us to meet with attorneys, Judges, and the Cuban Minister of Commerce. We enjoyed many delicious Cuban meals and of course, Cuban rum and cigars.

Cuba Landscape

It was amazing to see the architecture, and specifically the effect of the Castro takeover in 1959 and then the fallout from the 1989 dissolution of Russia. For years, I have argued with my husband over the purchase of new code-required windows for our home. I could not imagine getting any enjoyment from the new windows, especially after seeing the price. As you can see from the pictures, there is much to be said about maintaining your home.

Cuba Windows

The fact I found overwhelming about Cuba is their number one export is “human capital,” over $1 Billion dollars per year. All education is free in Cuba and they import the use of their educated residents to countries willing to pay for the services, i.e., physicians and health care providers, engineers, and research scientists. The other astounding fact is only the state-owned farms have tractors, any privately owned farms must utilize a mule/horse and plow. No cattle can be owned by an individual; all cattle are required to be owned by the state. Hard to imagine!

Getting Organized Tip! has changed my life! Simply go to the website, enter your email address and it allows you to choose whether to keep an email in your Inbox, move to a once a day email from, or unsubscribe. Once an email is sent to you can preview it before you open it. It allows you to see all of those random emails you receive that may say something useful or have the item you were looking for on sale all in one email instead of going through the emails one by one. The difference in the distraction and volume of emails is a game changer.

Sign up Now for our workshop on June 7, 2016, 1pm – 2:30pm, “How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home.”

Whether you are looking for a facility for yourself or a loved one this workshop will be helpful. Often folks ask me, “Linda, what is the best nursing home or assisted living facility in Pinellas County?” We are extremely fortunate in Pinellas County to have many “best choices.” This workshop will help you determine what may be best for you and all of the many things you need to consider in making the choice. Please email me: if we will see you there. Seating is limited to 20.

Downloadable/printable flier for workshop

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home: Workshop


assisted living facility choice

At some point it’s bound to happen. Your home becomes over whelming: the expense, maintenance, lack of mobility, increasing health care needs, and/or loneliness. It doesn’t help that there are many types of living arrangements with very specific titles and purposes. How do you determine which one is the best for you?

Our assisted living workshop is designed to help you and your family better understand your options and how to even get started in this process. How do you know if it might be time for a move to an assisted living facility? What options (and associated costs) are there for assisted living and supportive care? How can you and your family come to a decision? There are hundreds of assisted living facilities in Pinellas County alone (and then add independent living communities, multilevel CCRCs, nursing homes!). Wading through information from multiple sources and picking an assisted living facility that is best for your situation only adds to the stress of this major life change.

Linda Chamberlain is a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney and the founder of EasyLiving. She will share her expertise in helping thousands of families and our team’s best tips and resources from helping many clients through the assisted living facility transition.

Reserve your seat today! Click here for the downloadable/printable flier (you’re welcome to invite a friend but act soon as seats are limited to 20 and our free workshops fill up quickly).

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Linda’s Mother’s Day Gift List: Top 20


Linda Chamberlain and kids

Linda’s Mother’s Day Top Twenty Gift List: Make Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day!

Time spent with your Mom is always the best gift. Whether in person, via telephone, email, or a handwritten letter she can read over and over again – any of these will be gratefully enjoyed by your Mom.

I miss my Mom on Mother’s Day and think back to all the special times we shared. As I get older I appreciate her hard work and efforts more than I probably let her know. The understanding of the talent, time, and patience it takes to care for your children is something you often don’t realize til many years after the experience.

Best recommendation – take time to spend with your Mom, let her know how much you appreciate her, and say thank you!

We’ve had fun putting together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you. Ideas that will work for Mom at any age, as well as some particular gifts chosen for the older Mom.

1. Passion PlannerIt’s never too late in the year to help Mom get excited about focusing on taking care of herself, setting goals, and enjoying the process. Special pricing is in effect right now.  I love the fact that this planner reminds you every day to write down “Good Things that Happened that Day”!

Mother's Day gift idea: Passion Planner

2. Amazon Echo: This is an incredible way to get Mom excited about technology and all of the awesome information, news, and music Alexa can provide throughout the day!  I love walking into my house after work and asking Alexa to play whatever type of music I’m in the mood for.  And then when something comes to my mind I don’t want to forget, I ask Alexa to set a reminder.  She has been an awesome addition to the family!

Amazon echo

3. Trakdot: I’ve been blessed to have never had my luggage lost while traveling.  With my Trakdot, if my luggage did get lost I can track exactly where it is.  It makes my traveling process much easier and less stressful.

TrakDot for luggage

4. Kindle Paperwhite Reader: My son gave me the very lightweight Paperwhite Kindle.  It weighs less than a paperback book.  I love it because no matter what position I want to be in while I read the Kindle it is never too heavy to hold for an extended period.  I love being able to make the font size so big I do not need to wear my glasses, what a perk!

Kindle Paperwhite

5. Box Sign with Mom Message: A variety of very cute and clever box signs are available for purchase on this website. The one I like especially as a Mother’s Day gift: “You’re the Mom everyone wishes they had.” What more is there to say?  This covers it all.

Mom Sign as Mother's Day Gift

6. Photo Album with Annotated Pictures: Shutterfly and Walgreens each have online services to help you create a photo album allowing you to annotate each picture with a note for Mom.  Memorializing your childhood, a special trip, pictures of Mom with her children, etc.… will all be great memories for her to enjoy and to share with others.

Mother's Day Gift Photo Book

7. Sonic Care Toothbrush: While not the sexiest Mother’s Day gift, this is often over looked and is a much needed item.  The Sonic Care toothbrush can help reduce your plaque, preventing a variety of health complications.  (Thank you, John, for the heads up!) WebMd states the following: “A growing body of research finds that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth are also linked to other problems, including heart attack and dementia, and may well jeopardize your overall health.”

Sonic Care Toothbrush

8. A facial or massage at a local spa or dermatologist’s office: Every woman loves to be pampered. There is nothing better than getting the little lift and perk you get from a facial.  Feeling brighter and looking more energetic feels good.  A massage will work all the knots out of Mom’s muscles from you stressing her out from time to time.

Mom enjoying a facial massage

9. A manicure/pedicure date: Accompany Mom and enjoy the time spent together while each of you enjoy a little pampering.  It will provide a good hour of one on one time your Mom will thoroughly enjoy.  Consider bringing a new nail polish along for Mom to try.

Mother's Day Mom Daughter pedicure date

10. Private stretching session: As we get older our body often gets stiff and we need to stretch our muscles and tendons.  Learning how to do stretching properly and prevent injuries is very helpful.  The benefits of learning to stretch and adding daily stretching to your routine are amazing.

Stretching Session

11. The Roomba:  We have two Labrador Retrievers, Lucy and Ethel.  The Roomba is one of my favorite household tools as we set it every day to vacuum the piles of dog hair that seem to accumulate daily.  I am surprised how well the Roomba vacuums and how easy it is to use.  It is very smart and even vacuums areas I’m sure that I may often miss.  I got mine at Costco and love it.

The Chamberlain dogs

12. Homemade dinner and/or Mom’s favorite dessert:  I remember my Mom always telling me she loved everything I cooked for her because it was so nice to not have to cook it herself.  She always appreciated the time and energy it took for me to make a meal.  I love it when my children invite me to their home for dinner and it really doesn’t matter what they serve.  I appreciate their efforts and the time spent with them.

family meal for Mother's Day

13. Exercise classes: As you may have read in my previous Blog post, I love Pure Barre.  It is challenging and the workout covers all parts of your body, top to bottom.  A series of classes and some cute Pure Barre Socks may be just what Mom needs to get her motivated.  Mention my name at Pure Barre Clearwater for a special discount!


14. Yoga mat and Basic Yoga class: Yoga …….  It is hard to believe the difference yoga can make with decreasing your stress and anxiety levels.  A yoga mat and matching towel is a fun way to enjoy the yoga experience.  One of my favorite places to shop for everything Yoga is Lululemon.

yoga clothes for Mom

15. Exercise clothes of any type: Exercise clothing is an easy and great gift to give to Mom.  A new workout outfit motivates you to get moving.  Since most workout clothing comes in S, M, L, and XL it is easy to buy something that will fit Mom.  Coordinating the colors with her socks and shoes makes it fun!  Title Nine is one of my favorites and if you don’t have time to order you can’t go wrong at Target.


16. Pajamas: Whether Mom lives at home or in a long term care facility new pajamas are always nice to receive.  Pajamas tend to fade and lose their comfortableness over time.  A new pair of pajamas can help you feel better and remind you someone was thinking of you.  Pajamas also cover your body to ensure modesty.  Even if Mom has some memory issues new pajamas will help her feel fresh and clean.  I love the selection at Pajamagram and love their delivery in a cute pajama bag.


17. Yeti Water Bottle: This bottle keeps liquids cold or hot, your preference.  It is pretty and functional.  It gives Mom the daily reminder of how much she means to you.  You can’t go wrong with a Yeti!

Yeti water bottle great gift

18. Flowers, candy, cards: Fresh fruit arrangements, favorite candies, or beautiful cookies are always great options.  One of my new favorites is Eleni’s cookies.  They are sugar cookies decorated with icing making them crisp and tasty.  Don’t want to say how many I sampled, but I wore them home from New York City!


19. Playlist of special music/songs for Mom to download: Make a play list of your favorites along with Mom’s favorites for her to download to her music device of choice.  I love listening to what my kids are listening to and sharing my favorites with them.  Music is a great and fun connector.

Mother's Day gift: custom playlist

20. Say thank you and mean it:  Writing it or saying it – it makes a difference.  While Moms are not perfect they often have sacrificed and worked hard to help you grow up and develop into the person you have become today.  Taking the time to state how sincerely thankful you are to Mom will make her year.  She will NOT forget and on those days she misses seeing you she will remember you sharing your thankfulness.

20_Thank you

For more great ideas and advice from Linda, join us on Facebook and sign up to receive Linda’s Journal delivered right to your inbox monthly. We hope these ideas have helped you find the ideal Mother’s Day gift to make your Mom feel special and appreciated.

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Legal Zoom or Lawyer?


Legal Zoom or lawyer?

One of the best consultations I have ever had with clients went as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Martin came to see me to inquire about what sort of planning they should do since they are now retired. They were concerned about long term care costs and what they could do to plan for care if and when it was needed. We reviewed their current situation, the home was paid for, they had recently sold their business, and Mr. Martin had just been diagnosed with treatable cancer.

The consultation allowed them the opportunity to think through who they could name to pay their bills and manage their money if they were unable to do so. It provided the opportunity to review which of their children could navigate the health care system, converse with health care providers and insurers, and would truly take the time to understand when “enough is enough” with their treatment. It helped the two of them talk frankly about how much they were willing to spend on “staying in the home” before they would consider moving to an assisted living or nursing home without impoverishing the well spouse. Legal documents were drafted and signed stating their wishes and then a full family conference was coordinated in my office to review the legal plan and care desires with all of the children present.

While the legal documents fully state their wishes and authorizations, the key to completing the documents appropriately was the consultation, conversations regarding options with plenty of time for questions and answers, and guidance in how the long term care system works. I was so proud of this couple for taking the time to think through their fears, wishes, and concerns and to make the decisions they needed to make.

One of the most difficult conversations to have with a family is telling them they have no legal authority to pay Mom’s bills and to access her financial accounts to take care of her because she never completed any legal documents to provide them legal authority to help her. And then have to state that their next step is to go to court and seek legal guardianship over Mom, thus removing all of her rights. It’s even worse to tell them how easy and inexpensive it would have been to prevent this situation from occurring.

The Florida Durable Power of Attorney statute allows each of us to appoint an Agent to manage our financial affairs. It is a big decision to determine who you would like to name as your Agent. The Agent is allowed to manage your bank accounts, savings accounts, stocks, brokerage accounts, and your real property and has authority to do whatever you authorize in the Durable Power of Attorney.

Choosing your Agent is the most important decision. Who is the person who will actually pay your bills on time, help you manage your home, get repairs done, and manage your accounts to ensure you will be able to pay for everything? Naming a child who has financial issues, has not been able to hold down a job, or has filed bankruptcy may not be the best choice. Your lawyer will help you review your choices for your Agent, and help you determine who is the most appropriate for you to name.  If you do not have anyone to name, the lawyer can suggest a professional Agent for consideration. The consultation reviewing selecting an Agent and then determining what authority to include in your Power of Attorney is the value you receive when meeting with a lawyer versus completing a document online. Do you want your Agent to be able to make gifts? To others? To themselves? These are just a few of the questions your lawyer will ask you.

Did you know that the State of Florida has named a Health Care Surrogate Proxy to make health care decisions for you in case you didn’t name one yourself? Your Health Care Surrogate provides medical informed consent for accepting or denying treatment. You can designate in your Health Care Surrogate document who should make your medical decisions, what decisions you would like made and authorize your doctor to disclose your protected health information (PHI) to your surrogate. In the ever changing world of health care it is vital for you to name someone to be your surrogate that will take the time to understand your wishes and manage your care with the professionals you have chosen.

“Terri Schiavo” is the only name you need to say in Florida to understand why you want to sign a Living Will and state your end of life choices. Thinking through how you want to experience your “end of life” is not cocktail conversation. Understanding how the medical system works and interacts with the legal system is important for you to know when deciding what treatment you may or may not want. What is even more important is to ensure your loved ones know what you want and that they will support your decisions.

A Will determines what happens to your property upon your death. Many folks try to avoid probate by using “POD” payable on death accounts recommended to them by the friendly bank customer service agent. While this sometimes works, it often presents a quandary for the Agent under the Durable Power of Attorney when determining which funds to utilize to pay your bills. For example, should they pay the bills out of the POD account for their sister, or should they pay the bills out of the POD account for them?  This is not a situation you want to put your family into.

Often Trusts are utilized to state how you want your money to be spent if you become incapacitated as well as how you want it distributed upon your death. If you have a beneficiary with special needs, a mental health issue, an addiction, or perhaps someone who just can’t manage money, you can set up parameters within the trust to ensure the funds are protected and managed within your guidelines.

Join me on Tuesday, March 1 for our free workshop “Legal Documents Everyone Must Have.” 

We will review how to prepare for your legal consult, decisions to think through prior to meeting with your attorney, and how to “choose” the best person to name on your documents. A Free Tool “Questions you must ask your Attorney” will be provided to all attendees. You will not want to miss. Limited to first 20 attendees.

Call 727-447-5845 today to reserve your seat.

Please share your best/worst Legal Zoom or lawyer story with me and send to Linda(at) I look forward to hearing from you.

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I hate going to see the doctor!


health care and doctor's visit

The last few years (maybe more than five) I have not been diligent about watching my health.  I have not made the doctors’ appointments that are recommended and I have not gotten all of my healthcare screenings completed.  I think about it, and never make the next step.  I have been in plenty of health care locations with my parents, with friends and even with clients. I’ve been in local hospitals, national medical centers, doctors’ offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

What I do know is there have been lots of changes in the health care world and more than ever you must be able to recite everything about yourself, over and over again.  And what you can’t or don’t communicate may effect the medical treatment provided.

So along with getting organized, I need to focus on getting my health care back on track.

I am trying hard to not be overwhelmed with organizing all of my health care records.  The good ole days of your Primary Care Physician (in my day called a GP) maintaining all of your health care records only works until you get sent to a specialist or the hospital.  The entire system has changed, where do you start?

Review your Health Insurance Coverage.  For the most accurate and update information about your insurance coverage you will need to establish an online account.  The online account will confirm and explain your coverage.  You can track your claims and see any payments made on your behalf.  Depending upon your insurance they may have relationships/contracts with particular health care providers that are in your network and only pay for those providers or offer a financial incentive to see those providers.

Maintain your Health Care Records.  Where is the best place to maintain your medical records?  I recommend maintaining the information online as well as paper.  Tack the paper down in a file folder or in a notebook.  Most online records are maintained on a cloud based system but unfortunately not all health care providers will agree to access your cloud based system.  However, for family members and travel l prefer the convenience of the online records.

Family members could find it difficult to help in a time of emergency if asked to report on your medication list and medical history.  It is difficult to remember my own list when visiting the doctor’s office.  I take a large number of vitamins and supplements – the healthcare provider needs to know the complete list and strength of the vitamins and supplements.  There would be no way for my family to disclose this information without a documented list.

Making the most of your Doctor’s visit – what should the doctor be telling you and what should you be asking?  Please join us for a free workshop focused on your health, what records you need to maintain, online tools to make it easier, and a heads up on Medicare changes coming your way.  A FREE tool to “Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Appointment” will be provided to all attendees. You will not want to miss.  Limited to first 20 attendees.

Focus on Your Health Care, February 9th, 1:00-2:30 PM, location: Aging Wisely office

RSVP to 727.447.5845 or lashford(at)

Please share your best suggestions and tips on how to stay healthy and send them to Linda(at)   I look forward to hearing from you!

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Do You Need Assisted Living?


assisted living

Unfortunately many folks wait way too long to consider assisted living.  They miss the opportunity to enjoy making new friends, maintain their nutrition and health, and prevent injuries from occurring to them by having others take care of the heavy housekeeping and chores.  It’s tough to realize you are unable to prepare a nutritious meal and properly bathe yourself.  You think you are getting by okay, and then you accidently see yourself in the mirror and realize your physical health is taking its toll.

Your caregivers, your family, your neighbors are all trying to help you.  They want to do whatever they can to keep you safe and it’s often more than they can do on a daily basis. (They are just afraid to tell you or feel shame because they can’t do it.)  It’s a terrible quandary to be on either side of this equation.  Recognizing the problem is the first step, and asking for help is the second.

If you are fortunate enough to still have your spouse, moving together is so much easier than moving alone.  Sorting out a life time amount of “stuff” is not easy.  For those that are single, one tip that a client shared with me a long time ago was that her son spent the first night with her in the assisted living apartment and the first day together.  He attended each meal in the dining room with her, and helped break the ice.  From that point forward, she became the assisted living “Welcome Wagon Gal” visiting and scheduling lunch with each new person moving in.  She felt so good making a difference!

We have had many clients whose family is unable to spend that first night or so at the assisted living.  In those cases, many clients have elected to have their caregiver (an EasyLiving caregiver that has been helping around the house) spend the night, help them get to know the new place, and help with the introductions and the conversations flow easier.  There are many creative ways to make the transition a little less intimidating.

Our care managers can help you figure out whether it makes sense for you to stay at home with home care or if the time is right to move to assisted living.  How do they do this?  The care manager will speak with you, your caregiver(s), your health care providers, and put together a care plan that provides guidance as well as realistic expectations of what type of help you need.  A written report is provided reviewing your current health status and specific step by step recommendations.

There are many checklists and tools available online as to whether now is the right time, what type of care is available in the home and at assisted living.  While all of those are very helpful, we have found a conversation with a knowledgeable certified care manager helps you make the right decision and maintain family relationships.

Care Plan/Assessment Package:  The Care Manager will meet with you and your caregiver(s), evaluate your current situation, review healthcare records, and prepare a written care plan with specific recommendations.  Recommendations may include specific assistance needed in the home or recommendations for specific assisted living facilities, Medicare covered services and equipment, Medicaid benefits, and guidance as to when a move may make sense.  No matter who you are, these are tough conversations and working with someone who knows the system and understands the costs is critical.  Our fee is $499 for a step-by-step Care Plan/Assessment.  If you live in Pinellas County or Hillsborough County we can meet with you in person, otherwise, you may schedule a telephone conference with one of our care managers.

Please call today at 727.447.5845 to schedule an appointment with a care manager or contact us online.  We look forward to helping you with Aging Wisely!


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