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Gifts for Your Parents


Great gifts for aging parents

Struggling to buy gifts can be stressful as time draws short and your imagination leaves you wondering what in the world to buy.  This list will help you find something for everyone on your list, whether they were naughty or nice!

The recommended gifts below are all gifts I have personally used or have given to someone who has loved it!  I have organized the gifts under headings to help you sort through easily and perhaps find just the perfect gift! Click on each gift name to be linked directly to the product page for purchase and more info. The slide show above shows all the gifts with links and can be shared with your friends easily.

Tech and Gadgets

Trak Dot

If you travel or you need a gift for someone who does, this is a great gift and less than $100.  We have never lost our luggage throughout our travels, however, my husband loves having a Trak Dot in his suitcase and tracking exactly where his suit case is located.  Earlier this year I was driving from Lubbock, TX to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I had a Trak Dot in my suitcase and my husband was able to track my car online and see exactly where I was throughout the drive – providing some security of being located if I had any car issues.  You purchase the Trak Dot and the pay an annual fee to activate the Trak Dot.

Activity Trackers

There are a variety of trackers available that measure, keep track of exercise/steps, your heart beats per minute, you resting/standing pulse, your running/walking route, etc. I use an Apple iWatch, however Fitbit/Garmin has a variety of choices that start around $25, with a variety of bells and whistles.  What I love is the accountability – it is totally what helps me keep moving.  I do much better being reminded to do my exercise, I love tracking my achievements, and I can share my results with my family and friends if I want to.  If you have someone in your life who may need that little push or motivation, this is the perfect gift.

Cell Phone with Larger Screen 

I upgraded to an iPhone 6s this year, with the 5.5 inch screen.  Wow, has that been a game changer for me – I can actually see everything so much better.  I never thought I would be using my cell phone as much or more than my laptop but I am.  The ease of use of a larger phone as my fingers become less nimble has helped considerably and enabled me to complete work, shopping, tasks, notes, on the go and anywhere I may be.

Cordless Blu-tooth Headphones (here’s another option from SkullCandy

These are great for the active folks on your list.  No need to strap you phone around your arm and no worries about cords getting mixed up and ripped out of your ear while you are on your weight machine.  These headphones work wirelessly through blu-tooth to listen to your favorite music or podcast.  There are a variety of price options available.  I’m not convinced that the most expensive options last any longer than the cheaper options.  I have gone with the cheaper option and when they break I can easily replace.

Amazon Echo 

Alexa is my new best friend. I love coming home and asking Alexa to play whatever music I am in the mood to listen to.  I have Alexa track my grocery list and constantly ask for reminders and ask to put items on my calendar.  It takes a little bit of time to set up your phone with the Alexa, but once you take the time to do so, you will love the options available.

In-Home Entertainment and Memberships That Improve Your Life

Audible Membership

This is a great gift that gives all year long.  You can download Audible, it’s an App, to your phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet – whatever your preference.  For only $14,95 per month you can download a book to listen to, often saving up to 50%.  The inability to get out of the house, or hold a book or Kindle for a long period of time makes Audible a great option to listen to the books you love.  I use my Bose noise-cancelling headphones to listen to Audible, which helps cut out all interference and I don’t miss a word.

Netflix Membership

Who can live without viewing “The Crown?”  I have loved this series and look forward to the next episode.  Grace and Frankie, House of Cards, movies, documentaries, travel show, foreign films, classic films, oh so many options!  Basic membership is $7.99/month to Premium membership of $11.99.  An internet and/or Wi-Fi connection is required.

Amazon Prime

This membership provide free shipping from Amazon, provides free storage for your photos, provides you access to Amazon Prime Music, Video and Reading.  There is a $99/year membership fee.  This has been well worth it for me as I learn to order more items through Amazon and have them directly delivered to my home.  The savings and convenience are amazing.

Shipt Grocery Delivery

This service allows you to submit your grocery list and have the groceries delivered right to your home.  You need to download the Shipt app to your phone/iPad and you can make your grocery list.  Your list is given to a local shopper who will go do your shopping and delivery it to your home and the time you have schedule.  I love this app and service.  It remembers my grocery list and helps me not forget items, it helps with my discipline to not buy impulse items, and I truly feel the shopper has done a better job picking produce than I have. This service is invaluable for you to use to deliver food and other items to your family members who have difficulty getting out or perhaps are asking their neighbors to pick up a few things.  This allows you complete control over what is purchased and the amount spent.  It is a monthly or annual membership (sometimes they offer a special).  A six-month membership is $49 and the one year membership is $99.

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy 

There are many things I like about The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.  We have three in our local area and I love the fact that they provide free delivery of medications. They will meet you prior to hospital discharge to ensure your medications are at your home upon discharge, and they will bubble-wrap your medications for no additional cost.  Using one pharmacy provides you protection from medication mismanagement and duplicate medications.  Pharmacists who know their patients and have their medication profiles on file will be aware of possible harmful drug interactions or allergies to certain drugs. The pharmacist also will be able to discuss possible side effects; what foods, drinks, or activities that should be avoided while on a medication; what to do if you miss a dose; and a wide range of other helpful information. The Medicine Shoppe will also deliver non-pharmaceutical items you may need.  Upon request The Medicine Shoppe is happy to bill you on a monthly basis, allowing you to maintain documentation of items purchased.

Personal Products: Pampering Gifts for Your Parents

Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow Face Primer

I love how this lotion has brightened my complexion.  Unfortunately, as we age our skin tone seems to dull a little and perhaps look a little gray and/or green color.  It depended upon the day which color I was but overall I had a dull look, not looking as alert and as good as I would like.  I was in Chicago for a Continuing Legal Education and had to run over to Nordstrom’s.  While shopping I discovered the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line and sat down and got my makeup done.  The difference the WonderGlow Face Primer has made to my appearance is amazing – I absolutely love it!  It helps perk my look and brings some brightening and healthy shine to my face.  Your wife or Mom will love this product.


This is a very fancy name for lip gloss and happens to be the best lip gloss I have ever used.  I’m not a huge lipstick lover and have found this to be a great compromise for color with a little shine.  No need for lip liner, which is harder to apply when your fingers can’t get it on straight.  This solves the problem, keeps your lips moist and brings a shine to them immediately.  I have purchased several colors and my outfit determines which is the best color of the day!

Avon Skin So Soft 

For the person worried about the Zika virus.  This is an old but great product.  I use the Avon Skin So Soft Bug Repellant with 30UV Sun Protection.  It also acts as a great lotion and moisturizer for your skin.

Gift Card for a Pedicure (search your local area)

Taking care of your feet as you get older is essential.  How does a pedicure help?  It helps with early detection of signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections; helps keep your feet moist, avoiding blisters and prevents your skin from cracking; it encourages new skin growth, keeps your feet smoother;  and the foot massage promotes circulation.  You generally relax while getting a pedicure giving you the opportunity to reduce your stress levels.

R+Co One Prep Spray

This product was introduced to me while traveling this year and constantly running out of time to wash and blow dry my hair.  This spray enables you to blow dry your hair without having to wash your hair.  It restores volume and body, allowing you to look totally refreshed and ready for your next occasion.

Household Items and Décor

Paper Wine Glass Shades 

These paper shades come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Imagine setting your dining room table and having these paper shades on your wineglasses.  They are beautiful and help create the mood you are looking for.  Using a flameless tea light inside of the wine glass adds even more atmosphere to your occasion.

Zibra Open It 

This is a repeat from last year – but I can’t help it.  I use this gadget almost every day so I need a new one each year!  I can’t remember when I first found the “Open It”, but I sure am glad I did. It seems like so many packages today are so hard to open. One of things I’ve noticed is that my hand strength is not what it used to be, or should I say the using the strength in my hands sometimes hurts. The Open It tool prevents any pain from happening. It includes a very stiff scissor function that cuts through fairly thick plastic, cardboard, all sorts of things. The Open It also includes a Utility Knife, which is great for opening packages and a screwdriver when you need it.

Canary All-In-One Security System 

Internet/Wi-Fi connection is required.  This device allows you to view real-time video of what is happening in your home.  There are a variety of options available regarding alarms, communication to authorities, and storage of video.  It even allows me to see what my dog is up to when I leave the house.  You can also hear what anyone is saying within the range of your Canary.


Internet/Wi-Fi connection is required.  This device differs from the Canary in that it allows you communicate from a location outside of your home via the Nest app with whoever is in the home.  This is an invaluable tool when perhaps your loved one is physically limited and does not ambulate well.  You not only can see them in case they fall you can also ask them if they are okay.  You will need to have the App open on your phone/iPad for this communication to be accessible.  Nest also sells thermostats and smoke and CO2 detectors.

Breville Juicer 

This gift is going to put a dent in your wallet.  If you want to improve your diet and drink fresh and healthy juice, this tool is amazing.  I’m actually able to drink vegetables in my juice I typically would not like.  The flavors I enjoy mask the flavors I do not like.  This juicer is easy to maintain and clean.

For the Foodies

Sanders Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels 

Yum! These caramels are delicious and the folks in my life (except me) prefer milk chocolate.  I order these through Amazon, the delivery fee is free and one pound is going to set you back about $40.00 so you may want to ration these, one by one.

Boone’s Bakery Angel Food Cake

My Mom used to make the best homemade angel food cakes.  Unfortunately, I did get her gift of baking so mine have never been quite as tasty.  This past summer while visiting my husband’s parents in Ohio we visited Dorothy Lane Market and I purchased a Boone’s Bakery Angel Food Cake, and it is by far the best angel food cake I have ever had in my life.  To purchase, you will need to call Dorothy Lane Market and ask them to ship them to you.  Each cake is going to cost you over $10 + shipping, but is totally worth it!  You may want to order one for yourself and one for a gift.

Giordanos Pizza

This is my favorite deep dish pizza.  If you order in advance, you can order with free delivery.  When you heat them up in your oven the pizza truly taste like it was just made for you.  The flavors are amazing and the crust tastes just as fresh as ordering in person.  Four pizzas are delivered for $94.  One pizza will serve 3-4 people if you happen to have salad with your meal.  Or if you are a pizza lover, you may be able to eat the entire pizza all by yourself.

The Vermont Candy Store French Candy Creams 

French Candy Creams remind me of the old fashioned mints my aunts used to make for bridal showers and baby showers.  I probably like these so much because of many fond memories of my mom and aunts making these for special events.  They come in a variety of flavors, my favorite has always been the wintergreen.

Pretzel Crisps and Palmetto Pimento Cheese 

You can buy either of these at most grocery stores and almost convince yourself that you are eating a healthy snack when you put the pimento cheese on top of the flat pretzel.  I like the bacon pimento cheese the best and we usually devour a container very quickly – so don’t buy just one.  If you need to take an appetizer, just dip this into your own bowl and say “Thank You” when you start getting all of the amazing comments.

Bonus Gift Ideas

RFID Wallets, Sleeves and Document Holders 

A good friend gave me a travel RFID wallet that included enough space for my driver’s license, credit card and passport.  I had not even thought of protecting my items from being scanned from someone in line by me or across the room.  The RFID wallet I have can be wiped down with bleach, which I like since so many folks are touching my ID’s when traveling.  Prices vary based on size, shape, and materials used.

Peek-A-Boo Toy Elephant

This is an awesome gift for the young and old children in your life.  It makes you smile just to watch and listen to it.  This elephant sings and plays peek-a-boo and is fun for all ages.  This is a fun gift to give the grandparents to have available for the grandchildren when they come over to visit.

I hope you find this list useful and your recipients enjoy these items as much as I have.  Please check out last year’s list for more great gifts for your parents.

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Gifts for People in Nursing Homes


gifts for people in nursing homes

Gifts for People in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

It can be especially tough to think of gifts for people in nursing homes, since their space is limited and much of their activity may be limited to the nursing home setting. A person who has moved to an assisted living facility often just downsized, so you want to get something that will really be used. Our expert team is here to help with ideas for gifts for people in nursing homes and assisted living!

As an added bonus, we have an exclusive coupon code for, which offers adaptive clothing, socks, shoes and many items specially designed for someone living in a nursing home:
Get My Senior Gifts Coupon

Here are our top 5 categories of gifts for people in nursing homes or assisted living:

  1. The gift of time: one of the most appreciated gifts for people in nursing homes is the gift of your time and attention. Take time for special visits (ideal if you can make it a routine thing, as this can become something your loved one really looks forward to) or plan an outing. This holiday season, check with the person’s community church about special services or find a holiday concert or play.
  2. Comforting items: soothing/favorite music, audiobooks, inspirational books, puzzle/activity books (coloring books made specifically for adults are an enjoyable stress reducer!), movies, favorite snacks/treats (check for diet restrictions and be aware that storage for food items may be limited in a nursing home), etc. Help make it convenient for your loved one to access comforting activities (i.e. give an iPod, pad or other device and load it with music, audiobooks or their favorite church’s podcast; buy a small TV with DVD player and a stack of favorite movies; install a mini-fridge by the bed so your loved one can have his/her favorite cold snack or drink). Just check with nursing home staff about space issues, any restrictions or recommendations. Check out Linda’s Holiday Gift Ideas for more comfort-related gifts.
  3. Decorations for the room: you could simply buy inexpensive holiday decorations (dollar stores are great!) and surprise them by decorating their space, or you could buy 1-2 nice items (seasonal or not) to make their space special.
  4. Homemade, personalized items: examples include homebaked goodies, art work from the grandkids, a scrapbook/collage or framed photo, or a handknit blanket or sweater (or buy one and get their name or initials embroidered on it).
  5. Unique gifts designed for seniors or for specific needs, such as our gifts for people with Alzheimer’s. Other useful items might be adaptive clothing, shoes designed for specific conditions or health technologies.

Unfortunately, there are many seniors in our community (particularly in nursing homes) who don’t have anyone to buy them gifts or spend special time with them. For this reason, our team has participated in Elves for Elders for many years, assisting with various aspects such as organizing, serving as a gift drop-off site and promoting the project. If you’d like to help out buying gifts for people in nursing homes in Pinellas County, check out Elves for Elders to learn more.

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Linda’s Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors


Linda Chamberlain holiday gifts for seniors

Gift giving is fun for me!  When I do have time to go shopping I’m on the lookout for items my family or friends may enjoy.  Ideas for gifts come from all different directions.  I find listening closely to the person helps me identify gifts for them that will be useful and often become items they love.

The recommended gifts below are all gifts I have personally used or have given to someone who has loved it!

I have organized the gifts under headings to help you sort through easily and perhaps find just the perfect gift! Click on each picture to be linked directly to the product page for purchase and more info.


Tech and Gadgets


sony-headphonesSony Wireless Headphones: This is the gift that saved my marriage. As the years have gone by (all 35 of them), my husband keeps going to bed earlier and while I try to go to sleep earlier, I seem to be a night owl. The Sony Wireless Headphones allow you to watch TV with the volume on mute on the actual TV, allowing others in the room to enjoy their peace and quiet while you get to enjoy watching TV. And… just in case the person you are with doesn’t need the volume as loud as you do to catch every word, the headphones also work with the volume on. You do not miss a word of dialogue with these headphones, they are fantastic. Perfect for those with some hearing loss, for those sharing a room, and those wanting to enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of a TV show, movie, or music.

iPadEven if your loved one does not use a cell phone, an iPad may win them over to the digital world. Take the time and set the iPad up before you give it to them.  Set your loved one up with a Gmail email address and an iTunes account – and give the gift that keeps on giving. I recommend using an iTunes gift card to access paid apps, movies, etc… to avoid the problem of potential credit card fraud. The next holiday you can pay to reload the gift card.

Load up favorite photos and videos onto the iPad for them to look at over and over, and each time you go to visit you can assist them with saving the new ones or accessing the cloud to get the most up to date photos available. This keeps them with you no matter where you are. Be sure to include photos of them from their younger years with you – allowing them to think back through the decades. I also downloaded some favorite game apps, solitaire, candy crush, and of course a variety of Las Vegas style slot machine apps. This can provide hours of enjoyment for those with limited mobility. As they get used to the iPad they may learn to explore apps available on their own, or recommendations by their friends. Read more…

Open It: Each year my book club celebrates the holidays with a white elephant gift exchange. The goal of the gift is to bring your favorite “find” of the year. This year my gift will be the Open It!

I can’t remember when I first found the “Open It”, but I sure am glad I did. It seems like so many packages today are so hard to open. One of things I’ve noticed is that my hand strength is not what it used to be, or should I say the using the strength in my hands sometimes hurts. The Open It tool prevents any pain from happening. It includes a very stiff scissor function that cuts through fairly thick plastic, cardboard, all sorts of things. The Open It also includes a Utility Knife, which is great for opening packages and a screwdriver when you need it.

The Mommy Hook

The Mommy Hook: Have you heard of the term “milk drunk?” I never had either until my first grandchild came into the world this year. It appears to be a state of almost asleep after they have just eaten, they are very cute in this stage. The terms used to describe babies and their supplies are totally different since my children were young. One of the most useful gifts my daughter-in-law received was a Mommy Hook. This hook is sold to be used on strollers, however the first thought on my mind was to use the hook on walkers or wheelchairs. This hook is strong enough to carry several bags, a purse, and other miscellaneous items. Or handy just to keep your purse right by you.

Self-Improvement Gift Ideas

Tweezerman Tweezers and 10x Magnifying Mirror: Every woman I know worries about the weird eyebrow hair, the random black hair that sometimes shows up on her chin, and whether she has her lipstick just on her lips! The 10x mirror, lighted or not, with Tweezerman tweezers allows you to find even the smallest gray hairs and pluck them when you need to. This 10x mirror helps you not miss a one. This set keeps you pretty and confident.

Clarins Restorative Wake-up Lotion: A few years ago I was walking through Bloomingdale’s and a sales person at a makeup counter called me over and said would you like to have your face perk up and have a younger looking skin tone.  Well it only took about 5 seconds to answer that question.  I’m not sure what the active ingredient is in this lotion, but it definitely wakes up your skin in the morning and brings some light to your face.  The lotion is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and just the perfect moisturizer for under your tinted moisturizer or foundation.

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant: While at the Spa of the Rockies in Glenwood Springs Colorado I had the most amazing facial leaving my skin glowing and feeling very clean.  The product they used was an exfoliator you can use daily to clean your pores and over time the pores get smaller.  I have started using this every morning and am amazed how smooth my face feels after I use it.  It only takes a dime size amount so this one container will last a very long time

I typically use it with my Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System each morning in the shower.  While it takes a minute, which actually feels like a long time in the shower, the smoothness you feel on your face is worth it.



Comforting Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Faux Fur Blanket: I love my faux fur blanket with its fleece backing on the other side.  I love crawling into a cool crisp bed at night, the temperature low so I can breathe well and don’t stay awake half the night.  This fur blanket keeps me warm, not too hot, and the softness of the fur on my hands and up around my face when I sleep feels great.  This blanket is so pretty it can be used on your bed, on your lap wherever you are sitting, or around your shoulders while enjoying an outside fire-pit.





Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat: I love to chop, mix and cook – especially around the holidays.  However, onholiday gifts for seniors ideas: kitchen mat Thanksgiving Day I typically have a backache well before the festivities get started from being on my feet all morning cooking.  This Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat from Frontgate has helped tremendously in decreasing the pain from standing and often eliminates the pain from starting all together.  The mat is attractive in the kitchen and provides nice padding to stand on, therefore giving your back a break and less chance for pain to develop.  I can’t imagine anyone having to stand in the kitchen not being thankful for this mat.

Dearform Slipper Clogs: There is nothing better than coming home from work, especially if it was a day I had to wear high heels and slipping on my Dearfoam Clogs.  They bring immediately relief to sore, tired feet and feel so comfy.  The padding is thick in the slipper and feels great to walk on as well as very soft to the skin.  Ah…. They feel so good!





Gifts for Health and Wellness

PowerBeats Ear Headphones: As you will figure out by the time you get to the end of my list I have some hearing impairment.  My next recommendation allows me to work out and listen to my music or my favorite podcast wherever I am without the earbuds falling out of ears.  What I love about these headphones is that they never fall out of my ear and I do not have to push them in very far (which typically irritates my ear canal).  The sound quality is great too, allowing me to thoroughly enjoy whatever I’m listening to and not miss a beat!  And the over the ear hook does not hurt.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker: My Bluetooth speaker is a gift I use every day.  I love listening to podcasts and my favorite music on Pandora.  The Bluetooth speaker allows me to take my shower and get ready for the day with all my favorites loud enough for me to hear and keep on moving and getting ready for the day.  So instead of having TV on in a different room, straining to hear what it is saying, the blue tooth speaker moves with me from room to room, while I make the bed, prepare our smoothies, and clean the kitchen without missing a word.



The NiINJA Mega System: Speaking of smoothies, the NINJA has made a huge difference in our diet.  I have to admit, the NINJA mega system is the first item I have ever purchased from watching an infomercial.  And wow, I’m so glad I did.  From making individual smoothies to making coleslaw and macaroni and cheese from scratch – it is an amazing machine, easy to use and best of all easy to clean.

Read more….



Olly Restful Sleep Blackberry Zen Vitamin Gummies: Are you always hoping for a great night’s sleep – well look no further!  I found Olly Blackberry Restful Sleep gummies earlier this year and they have been a game changer.  As many of you know as we get older our sleep patterns change and well…. There are some nights where it alludes us all together.  We wake up or get up more tired than when we went to bed.  These gummies have made all the difference for me.  If I have a lot on my mind and can kind of predict getting to sleep is going to be tough I will chew two gummies – especially if I don’t have to set my alarm for the next morning.  However, when I have to get up in the AM to go to work or for an appointment I will only chew one gummy so I don’t feel like I’m having to fight myself to get awake!

The Chill Pal: This is an awesome gift for the exercise person in your life.  I have given this to many of my friends and family, it is perfect in the heat.  You can make the Chill Pal cloth wet with cold water, snap to the extra water out and wrap it around your neck to bring you immediate coolness.  This is perfect for when you are outside exercising in heat or at the gym.  This will help you avoid the excuse of saying it is “too hot” to exercise.

The Foam Roller: I can’t believe how stiff and sometimes inflexible my body has gotten over the years.  My trainer has turned me on to slowly stretching in the morning and utilizing the foam roller to help with that process.  I can’t believe what a difference it has made to my body and how much better I feel after rolling my muscles with the foam roller.




The Kozy Kollar: I love my large Kozy Kollar and use it almost every night.  I prefer the unscented Kozy Kollar and love that I can heat it up to my preferred temperature in my microwave.  I like the large Kozy Kollar as I typically start it on my neck, move it down to my lower back and go to sleep with it on my stomach.  It relieves what ails me and helps me go to sleep.  I have a lot of little aches and pains and prefer not to take any medication, the Kozy Kollar brings me pain relief through the heat it provides to my body.


Gifts for Foodies

Pure Inventions Pomegranate + Acai Berry Antioxidant Fruit Extract: A few years ago I was visiting the Spa of the Rockies with the natural hot springs.  I can’t tell you how amazing the hot springs are.  One step into the hot springs and any aches and pains you have start to disappear.  I absolutely love going to the hot springs.  Next to the springs is the spa, and while visiting I decided to have a massage.  In the waiting area was a selection of beverages, including a pomegranate flavored water, it was excellent and very refreshing.  Absolutely no bad after taste.  I was so excited to find something to flavor water that I actually liked. Read more…


nut mix

Cashew Cranberry Cherry Jubilee: While at the Spa of the Rockies they also provided complimentary trail mix, wow was it yummy.  I’m not quite sure how many times I refilled my little two ounce cup!  I have become hooked on this trail mix for my mid-morning and after-noon snack.  It is a yummy combo of cinnamon toffee peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, cranberries, cherries, and dried apples. The combination is delicious and it is a very filling and nutritious snack keeping me away from the gummy bears that often tempt me.  This trail mix can be purchased in small or large size for a very reasonable price.

Biscoff Cookies: I remember flying Delta Airlines when I was young and getting to try Biscoff Lotus cookies for the first time.  The light texture and light cinnamon flavor make these cookies delicious.  I love that the cookies are packaged with two cookies packaged together.  This keeps them fresh and crisp and also helps me not eat too many at one time.  It is extremely enjoyable to curl up with a good book, sip some hot tea and snack on my Biscoff cookies.  It makes for a great afternoon.

You can order online and have these shipped to a destination of your choosing.  I promise you will make someone very happy when they open the package and try one.

killer browniesKiller Brownies: My in-laws live in a little town in Ohio called Lebanon.  The Golden Lamb Restaurant/Hotel is the oldest in Ohio and has hosted 12 presidents.  Not too far from Lebanon, in Dayton, Ohio you will find an incredible grocery story, Dorothy Lane Market.  Their baked goods are amazing.  One of my favorites is their Killer Brownies which you can order and have delivered wherever you would like.  As far as I know these Killer Brownies have never killed anyone, but there may be a few fights in the house over who is going to get to eat the last one!  You can choose the Killer Brownie you might like best, the original chocolate caramel, peanut butter, cream cheese, Blonde Ambition, Brookie Killer, German Chocolate, PB&J, and Not a Nutter, or better yet, try them all.  I haven’t’ tried one yet that I haven’t loved.  You can ship these Killer Brownies anywhere and may want to add a few cookies too!

edible arrangementsI love receiving and giving Edible Arrangements.  I have received several arrangements and have sent out many throughout the year.  The fruit has always had a great flavor, not too ripe but not under ripe either, and always very creatively arranged.  I like sending the fruit arrangements when I know someone is working hard to eat healthy and maintain their weight.  It is a nice surprise without them feeling like they are eating something they shouldn’t.  I also love the fact that you can order a variety of size of arrangement, allowing the recipient not to feel like they are going to let part of the arrangement go to waste.  This is a great gift for young or old, especially when it is difficult for them to have time to cut up and prepare fresh fruit.

Truffle Salt was one of my favorite things I found about three years ago.  When I first purchased it my idea was to use the salt on fish and I can tell you it is perfect with fish and the flavor is not too heavy.  Now that I have acquired the love of truffle flavor I have found myself using the salt in a variety of dishes.  One of my favorites is trying to make a Gnocchi Salad I first experienced at Town Restaurant in Carbondale, CO*.  This salad is delicious with a light truffle flavor.  My take on this salad is sort of like this, I usually sauté yellow butternut squash in a skillet with a little truffle oil, once I have crisped the outside of the squash I will add a few sliced mushrooms and gnocchi to the skillet to quickly brown, then pour the mixture on top of a bed of spinach and sprinkle with parmigiano cheese and truffle salt – it is to die for!  Add a grilled chicken breast and you now have a great dinner.

*If you get the chance to visit Carbondale, CO, try Town Restaurant. I haven’t found a bad dish on the menu!

stockings border

I hope you have fun shopping this year and that this list helps you make some folks happy on your list.   This list is a new experiment for us, we are trying affiliate marketing, which means we may get paid a commission on items you purchase through our links.  I’m excited to see if you like any of the ideas and welcome any comments or questions.  Next month, gifts to start the New Year right!  Happy Shopping!

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Great Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents Who Have Everything


Do your elderly parents have lots of stuff? Does your elder Dad tell you he just doesn’t need anything? Are your senior parents trying to downsize?

It can be impossible to come up with gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything. Every few months our expert team does the hard work for you and finds some great senior-friendly gift ideas! We try to find things related to the season and to cover a range of interests, plus things we know are especially useful gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything. These are things that they’ll enjoy or can make life as you age a bit more enjoyable or comfortable. Many of them are appropriate for someone who lives in an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home.

This time we offer some special autumn gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything:

Fall Foliage Book

Fall Foliage Book

A beautiful book of New England autumn photographs. It makes a lovely addition to any home. It is an especially nice gift for “displaced” New Englanders who might be missing the fall foliage season, or anyone who’s ever visited.

First day of school

“First Day of School” Picture Frame Magnet Craft Kit

This is a great project for grandma or grandpa do to with the grandkids as they prepare to go back to school. It makes an adorable decoration for the grandparents’ home or assisted living/nursing home room too, and it’s a great way to create special memories and discussions together.

personalized gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything: football blanket

NFL Football Blanket

Perfect for your favorite football fan! Elders tend to get colder more easily and nothing will keep them warmer than snuggling up with their favorite team while they watch the game!

Gripper Socks

Fuzzy Spa Slipper Socks with Non-Skid Grips

Super soft, unisex slipper socks are one of the best gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything. These are wonderful to wear around the house, or in an assisted living facility, rehabilitation center or hospital. The non-skid grips keep you safe, while the warm, soft fabric keep toes toasty!

Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer

Have a great baker in your life? This tool makes baking the perfect apple pie so much easier; it’s also great for potatoes! Peel, core and slice apples or potatoes in seconds; attaches to a table or countertop.


Stay tuned (sign up for our newsletter so you never miss out) for more seasonal gift ideas for elderly parents who have everything! You might also want to check our full Gifts for Seniors guide, where you can also get an exclusive coupon for senior-friendly clothing and adaptive equipment.

Contact us if we can help with your eldercare needs, advice or resources!

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Summer Gifts for Seniors


It can be hard to come up with appropriate gifts for seniors. It is especially tough to come up with fun, useful ideas for gifts for seniors in nursing homes, assisted living or receiving in-home care. Our Aging Wisely team brings you great summer gifts for seniors. Now, all you have to do is visit the links below to find these great senior-friendly gifts. We’ve picked out some especially nice summertime gifts for enjoying the great outdoors!

senior-friendly sunglasses solar shields


Over-Sunglasses Solar Shields  

Great eye protection for those beautiful sunny days! They also offer extra protection after eye procedures or for those with eye conditions or sun sensitivity. A practical senior-friendly gift for summer and year round!



garden tools gifts for seniorsErgonomic 4-Piece Garden Tool Set

For the senior gardener in your life, these ergonomic tools make gardening more comfortable and accessible for those with arthritis, swelling or difficulty with manual dexterity. They’re easier on the hands and arms, even for those who don’t have any health issues. If your aging parent enjoys gardening, these are the ideal gift!



instant camera fun for elderly


Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera

Now your elder loved ones can capture favorite moments and enjoy them right away with the Fujufilm Instax Mini 75 Instant Camera. This easy-to-use, point-and-shoot camera is great for family reunions and special events. It has auto flash with automatic adjustment for great pictures even in low light. The grandkids will love it too!



large print bird book for seniors



Peterson Field Guides Eastern Birds Book: Large Print Edition

For the bird watchers, this large print guide makes birding easy. Peterson is well known for its quality bird field guides. Bird watching is a great way for elders to enjoy the outdoors and nature and this guide will be a much loved companion.




personalized wind chimes for grandparentsPersonalized Pewter Windchimes

When picking gifts for seniors, something personalized is always appreciated. The lovely melody of these windchimes is perfect for enjoying a porch or in the breeze of an open window. Get the oval engraved with a personal message, inspirational quote, family name or whatever you like. This is a great way to personalize a space for your senior loved ones!





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Gifts for Older Fathers: Senior Father’s Day Gift Guide


It can be hard to find the right gifts for older fathers. So many times, older Dads tell us they don’t need anything. If they have downsized or given up certain activities, we may feel at a loss for ideas for gifts for our older fathers. As Father’s Day nears, we’re here to help with great gift ideas for older Dads!

You might also want to check out our Gifts for Seniors guide and be sure to grab our coupon code, for $5 any purchase at This site has great adaptable clothing and senior-friendly products, as gifts for older fathers on special occasions or any time of year.
Get My Senior Gifts Coupon

Here’s our lineup of Top Five Father’s Day Gifts for Older Fathers:

*Click the titles for hyperlinks directly to the online sites where you can purchase these items.

Father's Day gift for elderly yesteryear puzzle
Yesteryear Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a great activity for both fun and keeping the mind engaged! They’re great for rainy days or for older fathers who can’t get out and about as easily as before. This puzzle is easy for people with arthritis and low vision due to the large pieces. The picture is a fun collection of things from years gone by, for enjoyable reminiscing.





aging Dad Father's Day subscription to Readers Digest

Reader’s Digest Large Print Edition Subscription

This popular periodical is enjoyed by many older Dads. Now, get the large print edition and provide your older father many hours of reading enjoyment for the next year.

If your Dad prefers other publications, many of them are available in large print. A subscription to a magazine or newspaper (or digital versions if Dad uses an e-reader or iPad) makes a useful, enjoyable gift.





origin of last name print gift for older men

Origin of Last Name Print

Great for geneology and history buffs, or any Dad proud of his family heritage. Makes a nice decorative item and discussion piece, great for adding a personal touch to an assisted living apartment or nursing home room.

This lists information about the origin of your surname, other people in the past that had that name, where it was derived from and the country of origin. It also includes a description of the arms, crest and motto of the family.




solitaire device gifts for older fathers


Classic Games Collection Mega-Screen Solitaire

Perfect for Dads who enjoy games, this device (with multiple games) can add hours of solitary fun to the day. Games like this also sharpen the brain and this handy device is portable, so it’s great for traveling or wait times.





For active older fathers, sports equipment and sports clothing make great gifts. Or, you might want to plan an outing to a sporting event or do an outdoor activity together. It’s always great to encourage the older adults you love to stay active, and it’s fun to get out and enjoy the time together! Our senior concierge services can assist with logistics and accompany your Dad if you don’t live nearby and want to plan something special (or need an extra hand).

Titleist Personalized DT Solo Golf Ballsgolf balls gifts for older fathers who like golf

For the active older Dad in your life who loves a good (or even bad) game of golf. Golfers always need more high quality golf balls, like these from Titleist. Golfsmith offers a great array of products for the older golfer in your life. Great gifts for older fathers who enjoy a day out on the course!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Senior Friendly Gifts


Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.

As your Mom gets older, it can be hard to think of an appropriate gift to express your love on Mother’s Day. It is especially challenging to come up with senior-friendly gifts that are useful for a Mom who lives in assisted living or a nursing home. Today, we bring you some great products from our expert senior care teams at Aging Wisely and EasyLiving. These are products we know can make your elder Mom’s life easier or brighter. Click on the links to go directly to the sites where you can buy these products (and get our special coupon code below for so you can save a little money this Mother’s Day!).

Get My Senior Gifts Coupon


Women’s Fashionable Adaptive TopWomens adaptive top

This attractive women’s top is easy to get on and off and super comfortable. It completely opens up, allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without the struggle of raising the arms or dealing with small neck openings. The shirt is perfect for helping Mom remain more independent with her dressing and for anyone who struggles with mobility. The top is made of easy care fabric. Get $5 off this and other adaptive clothing from with our special coupon code (you can use it as many times as you wish).



Extra-Wide, Slip Resistant Fleece Slipperselderly friendly slip resistant slippers

Ultra comfy slippers that are safe for walking around the house or assisted living facility, with a great non-slip tread. The soft lining is also great for Moms with sensitive skin and whose feet are often cold.



Sterling Birthstone Family Necklacemother's day birthstone necklace


Beautiful, keepsake necklace personalized with 2-8 birthstones representing children’s (and grandchildren’s, if desired) birth months. It can also be custom engraved with a family name, message or saying. This is a treasure for any Mom or grandmother.

Bionic Rose Gardening Glovesarthritis friendly gardening gloves

Specially designed by an orthopedic hand specialist for comfort and reduced hand fatigue, these gloves will keep skin safe from tears due to rose thorns. This is great for the gardening Mom! The special fabric and design keep hands cool and promotes natural movement and grip.

Adaptive Pants with Arthritis-Friendly Velcro Closureadaptive pants for women with easy closure

These adaptive women’s pants are great for Moms who suffer from arthritis or who use a wheelchair, and also provide easy access for dressing and using the toilet. VELCRO® brand strips on both sides of the waistband allow for adjustable, struggle free dressing. The front fold-down panel provides slip-on ease from a wheelchair or seated position. The back waistband is elasticized, and handy side flap pockets provide added convenience. The pants come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are made of easy-care fabric.

For other great gift ideas for your elderly parents and tips on how to make holidays special, visit our Gifts for Seniors post. If you need help ensuring the best quality of life for your elderly Mom or Dad, reach out to our senior care team today at 727-447-5845. Give the gift of aging wisely!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors


valentine's day helen keller quote

Give the Gift of Love

Valentine’s Day is a time dedicated to expressing love. Our aging loved ones may not be first on our minds at this holiday, but taking a moment to show them we care can make a big difference. Holidays can bring up feelings of loneliness, especially for those who have lost spouses and friends or had physical and emotional losses. An elder who lives in a group setting such as an Assisted Living facility may be surrounded by others, but this does not necessarily prevent feelings of loneliness or grief. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for seniors are the gifts of time and attention.

Showing you care is probably the most meaningful senior Valentine’s Day gift you can give. Here are some special things you can do on Valentine’s Day to show your love to elderly relatives/friends:

  • Plan a special outing (it doesn’t necessarily have to be on Valentine’s Day itself to be a Valentine’s Day celebration). You can plan an appropriate outing based on your loved one’s situation, such as a short lunch, getting a manicure together or attending a fun event. Our EasyLiving senior concierge service provides caregivers to help with the logistics like getting in and out of the car, to the bathroom, driving, etc.
  • Prepare a special treat. Bring a home baked goody to your loved one or take a favorite dish to share. Homemade gifts are always appreciated on Valentine’s Day or anytime, especially by elders who don’t do a lot of cooking anymore or live in a care facility. Live at a distance? Send a “care package” or you can give caregivers a favorite family recipe to make for or with your loved one (our EasyLiving caregivers often do this!).
  • Simply make a visit. Set aside some time to visit without being rushed or having tasks to complete.
  • Set up a call or Skype/Facetime session with family members at a distance. What great fun for an elder on Valentine’s Day to be able to chat with and see grandchildren who live in another state!
  • Send a nice card with a handwritten note. Acknowledge what the elder has meant in your life or share a special memory you have of time together.
  • Send/provide kids’ artwork or family photos. These make a great addition to the environment and really personalize a space. Our clients often proudly show us the latest pictures of their grandchildren and love sharing news about the family with their caregivers. There are many different personalized photo gifts you can create as well, from photo books to mugs, bags and more.
  • Check out our special Valentine’s Gift Guide for Seniors for specially selected elder-friendly gifts with direct links (click on the product picture) so you can easily purchase the products. Our team has chosen gifts that solve various concerns that come up for clients as they age, so each of these will enhance quality of life for those you love. Enjoy!
  • Free Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Taking a little time to share your love this Valentine’s Day can mean so much to elder loved ones and friends. Contact us if we can help with ideas or any of the services mentioned above! We can help plan a special Valentine’s Day event, but we can also help you with generally making sure your loved ones have the quality of life they deserve.

Isolation and loneliness disproportionately affect seniors, especially those suffering ill health and limited mobility. The need for companionship and meaningful relationships is universal in all ages. Coming up this month, we’ll be co-hosting a screening of The Age of Love and sharing a lot of great information and tips about companionship and relationships in later life. Stay tuned!

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Senior Gift Tips: What is Specialized Senior Clothing?


senior clothing and gifts

As the holidays approach and you shop for older loved ones who may be living in assisted living or residing at home with caregivers, Aging Wisely offers gift giving guidance to help you. You can check out our Senior Gifts Guide and our latest post on The Best Gifts for Seniors in 2014 . Today, we asked Wendy Black of Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear to share some information about specialty senior clothing. As you’re considering senior gift buying for the holidays or just looking to help loved ones, specialty senior clothing can be a worthwhile purchase to make day-to-day life easier and more comfortable.

Why Senior Clothing?

Specialized senior clothing is designed to be easy to slip on and comfortable. Companies offering specialized senior clothes try to offer attractive styles with easy washability and dressing in mind. Comfy leisure wear, dress fashions, and versatile coordinates can help making dressing easy and provide better daily functionality. Nowadays, there are a variety of styles to suit different needs and fashion preferences.

Clothes for Seniors: What to Look For

Clothing for elder women and men should be fashionable while taking into consideration comfort and ease of dressing. This helps those who have issues with dexterity or need help with their ADLs. Elastic waists in pants and skirts offer easy pull on comfort and allow for weight fluctuation. Loose comfortable fitting clothes make dressing and undressing that much easier.  This may allow the elder to maintain greater independence longer, or make it easier for caregivers. In the winter warmer fabrics, cardigan sweaters, shawls and bed jackets help keep the chill away for seniors with poor circulation. There are several specific categories of specialty items described below.

Shoes for Senior Women & Men

Senior Shoes & Senior Slippers for Foot Problems

Hammer toes, bunions, swelling feet & ankles, diabetes, and edema are just a few of the concerns some elders face that should be taken into account when purchasing shoes for seniors. VELCRO® brand fasteners offer a wonderful solution by making shoes and slippers adjustable to every size and shape of foot. Often one foot may be wider or more swollen then the other or foot swelling fluctuates on a daily basis. Wider and extra wide widths slippers and shoes accommodate senior foot irregularities such hammertoes or bunions.

Senior Fall Prevention Shoes, Slippers and Socks

Skid resistant non slip shoes and slippers help prevent falls. Slip resistant soles provide better traction indoors and outdoors. Non slip socks are wonderful for providing warmth and assisting in fall prevention. Hospital slipper socks offer gripper bottoms that help prevent slips on smooth floor surfaces, and these are great in assisted living or nursing facilities as well. Slip resistant senior shoes, slippers and socks are also terrific for offering fall prevention assistance during wheelchair transfers.

Orthopedic Shoes and Slippers for Seniors

Orthopedic Shoes and Slippers offer the utmost in senior foot comfort.  Soft cushioned insoles can be removable for orthotics. Orthopedic shoes come in extra wide widths and offer lightweight comfort.  For elders with foot, back and other problems, orthopedic shoes may offer the best comfort and minimize aches and pains.

Bras for Senior Women

The comfort and functionality of a bra is of utmost important for elder women and those residing in care facilities.

Comfort Bras

As seniors age skin can become more delicate and fragile. As a result smooth and soft fabrics should be considered when purchasing. Wide comfortable bands on bras and built up shoulders on bras also add to the comfort and reduce chafing and skin tears.

Front Closure Bras or Front Hook Bras for Elderly Women

When hand dexterity and upper arm mobility become reduced due to arthritis, paralysis, Stroke, ALS or other physical challenges, front closure bras are the best solution. Back closure bras can be a struggle when dealing with impaired mobility so this is another important consideration to provide the senior woman with greater independence.


Wendy Black is the Director of National Sales and Marketing for Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear. They specialize in attractive, comfortable senior clothing and shoes for elders.

Contact Aging Wisely if you need help with suggestions for adaptive products for elder loved ones or would like a comprehensive assessment for complete tips, resources and planning.


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Elves for Elders: Holiday Gifts for Needy Seniors


happy holidays for seniors

Join us this holiday season in supporting Elves for Elders!

The purpose of “Elves for Elders” is to provide gifts for seniors who might otherwise be forgotten during the holidays. “Elves for Elders” is a grass roots community effort that connects gift givers (Elves) with less fortunate seniors (Elders) during the Christmas holiday season.  Guardians (who do a lot of pro bono work for seniors in these situations) and case managers submit information on their wards/clients about items they may need, clothing sizes, etc. Gift givers pick a tag and purchase some or all of the gifts for that senior (others donate money to buy supplementary items). The resource committee of BLS (Better Living for Seniors) spearheads this effort and will be kicking off this year’s Elves at the BLS consortium this week, with trees on every table to collect extra items for the gift bags.

Aging Wisely and EasyLiving have been participating in Elves for Elders for many years, donating items as a team and then taking on a more active role on the committee and as a coordination point for the gifts. This will be the 8th year for this project in Pinellas County and last year more than 500 seniors received gifts such as clothing, snacks, blankets, stuffed animals, toiletries and room decorations.

The Elders: All seniors who benefit must be 60 or older and very low income (Medicaid eligible). Such seniors are identified through local government case management agencies, certain facilities caring for the very needy, and low-income wards under guardianships. These elders have very limited funds for buying items and rarely receive gifts during the holidays.

The Elves: During the months of November and December, the program is focused on bringing in the various requested items to ensure all the individuals’ needs are met. At all times of the year, financial donations are accepted. The money is used to purchase missing items and fill out the gift bags.

The EasyLiving/Aging Wisely office is the north county drop off/pick up location. There are also Elves for Elders trees in Walgreens and Big Lots stores from Clearwater to St Pete. We expect to serve 300+ senior and disabled adults in the community this year. People who want to help can go to a participating store or come by our office, take a tag off the tree, fill a red Elves for Elders bag at the store (with unwrapped items) and return it to the tree. Elves will collect the bags between now and the 1st week in December. Our team of helpers will assemble and distribute the bags before the Christmas holiday.

Click here for the Elves for Elders flier: 2014 Brochure_and_Tags. If you need more information, you can contact our office via email or stop by.

If you are trying to decide on the right gift for your elderly loved one or friend this holiday season, check out our Gifts for Seniors 2014 post and Elderly Gift Giving Guide, for loads of great ideas!

Aging Wisely offers the ultimate caregiver gift…peace of mind! The holidays can take an extra toll on you as a caregiver; let us get you the help you need, assist in planning trips and events or bringing in extra assistance for your aging loved one. If you make a holiday visit and notice your aging parent is not doing so well, call 727- 447-5845 for our Senior Care Consultant…the one call you need to make to access all the help your family needs.

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Gift Ideas for Elderly Friends and Relatives


One of our most popular posts of all time covers gift ideas for elderly friends and relatives. Clearly, a lot of us struggle with finding an appropriate, thoughtful gift for our senior loved ones. It is especially hard to think of something that will be useful and appreciated by an elder who lives in a senior care facility. So, as we approach the holidays, we revisit this topic to give you the help you need! Here is our Senior Gift Guide (and guidance!) for 2014…

senior gift resources

Great resources for finding the best gift for the senior in your life:

Aging Wisely’s Gifts for Seniors original guide offers 20 great gift ideas, along with a few of our favorite web stores for senior-friendly items

EasyLiving shares how to choose a meaningful gift for a senior or caregiver in your life, including categories of gifts that are always appreciated!

Magic Kitchen’s 100 Gift Ideas for Seniors

What to get someone who’s in the hospital? Check out great all-around advice on how to help at “Want to be a great friend when someone’s in the hospital?” and our article about extending kindness to someone in the hospital (or recovering at home).

gift ideas for 2014 holidays for elderly

Literary loved one? Pick out one of the acclaimed new books of 2014 (with so many specialty genres, there is plenty to offer, whether your loved one enjoys novels or has a special interest such as history or music). Many books are available in audio versions (also consider a subscription to or help link your loved one with the local library’s Talking Books) or large print, for low-vision readers. Kindle and other e-readers offer large print and audio options too.

Updike, Adam Begley’s new biography of John Updike for the big reader

1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever for the sports (and history) fan

Mr. Mercedes: A Novel is Stephen King’s latest must-have for suspense lovers

For the movie fan on your list, check out 2014’s DVD releases or go for a new box set, whether a TV show like Downton Abbey or classic bundles, like the John Wayne or Gene Kelley collections.

Low-tech or high tech loved ones can both benefit from technology gifts. If your elderly Dad enjoys technology, why not upgrade him to the latest? TechRadar can guide you with their best technology recommendations. The less technically-inclined might benefit from the Jitterbug big button phone or some computer classes. Aging-in-place technology can help your loved one stay safe, while also giving you the gift of increased peace of mind.

As day-to-day needs change, properly designed lifestyle tools can make life a lot easier. This can start with simply helping your loved one “redesign” his/her space to function better, from labeling items in the kitchen and placing them where they can be easily reached to removing clutter or adding bathroom grab bars. There are specialty clothing retailers, such as Buck and Buck that offer clothing, shoes and other comfort items designed specifically for mobility-challenged people. The EasyButton is a great example of how innovators are continuing to modify design to improve functionality.

gifts for caregivers

As a caregiver, you also deserve a gift this holiday season. Give yourself the ultimate gift, of peace of mind, by getting some expert guidance and support. Connect with our advocacy team today to find out how we can help. Make your holiday season more enjoyable by reducing some of your stress and the fear of the unknown.

Reach out to us at 727-447-5845 for the ultimate gift for your family!


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Elves for Elders: Holiday Help and Tips for Seniors


holiday help for elderly

The holidays are typically a time for gathering with family and friends and celebrating traditions. However, for some, especially older adults, the holidays can be a challenging time. Disability or illness may limit participation in holiday events and elders may be grieving multiple losses. Here are some key facts about elders and depression:

  • Depression is not a normal part of aging. Though feeling sad from time to time is normal at any age, a clinically depressed person suffers from symptoms than interfere with daily functioning.
  • Depression sometimes manifests differently in older adults, with symptoms like fatigue and memory loss/trouble concentrating. Please review our article on Depression in the Elderly for signs, symptoms and risk factors.
  • About 2 million older adults suffer from major depression, with another five million suffering from less severe forms of illness. Those most prone to depression are individuals with a family history and inadequate social support. Failing health and substance abuse issues are also significant risk factors.

Here are some general tips on helping seniors, to reduce the risk of isolation and depression. The Geriatric Mental Health Foundation also offers information on depression in elders during the holidays, along with the type of help available and how to talk to someone about your concerns. During the holidays, some of the things you might specifically consider to help elders:

  • Make special plans to ensure your elder loved ones or friends are included in holiday celebrations. You may need to bring the celebration to them (or provide transportation), or consider modifying the time or length of the event. Or, perhaps the elder needs assistance from a senior companion/senior concierge service.
  • Call and check in regularly.
  • Recognize losses. Express condolences for loved ones who have died and take a few moments to reminisce about the person. Practice good listening (during the holidays when you feel hurried, consider setting aside some time to spend with the person when you will not be rushed).
  • Give the gift of your time. Plan a special luncheon or just a simple visit over coffee. Take some cookies or a treat to your elderly neighbor. Find out if you can help/visit seniors in a local assisted living or nursing home (and consider doing this throughout the year, not just at holidays).

We’d like to tell you about one special program that is near and dear to our hearts. The Elves for Elders program is a community effort to connect gift givers (elves) to less fortunate seniors (elders). The goal is to provide gifts for seniors who might otherwise be forgotten during the holidays. As explained on the Area Agency on Aging Pasco Pinellas website, “This year (2013) will be the seventh year the Better Living for Seniors (BLS) Resource committee, under the auspices of the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc. will provide Elves for Elders in Pinellas County. More than 500 seniors receive gifts such as robes, lap blankets, stuffed animals, snacks, clothing, toiletries, and room decorations.” Since the early days of this program, the Aging Wisely team has been actively participating. We have also donated gifts to elders in Hillsborough County, through a similar program there.

Last year, our team facilitated gifts for over 50 elders in the Elves for Elders program. This year we have again been active in the planning and organizing and our office is serving as the north county collection site for gifts. We all enjoy this opportunity to add some holiday cheer to the lives of elders in Pinellas County!

You can read more about the Elves for Elders program here or contact our Senior Care Consultant, Sue Talbott, for more information.

If you know an elder who needs help this holiday season (or any time), let our eldercare experts help. Contact Sue Talbott at 727-447-5845 for a free needs analysis and resources. Our EasyLiving home caregivers offer a wide range of in-home services, senior transportation and concierge services to help elders continue to live a quality life.

Our goal is to enable every individual we work with to live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.


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